NAPOLEON HR-4F consists of high-level experts having a wealth of experience of the nuclear technology and safety evaluations of Nuclear Power Plants.
We offer support to the regulatory authorities, nuclear and energy industrial facilities, design, engineering and research organizations.

Our services:
  • Design of the Systems for Nuclear Power Plants

  • Safety assessment of the nuclear installations

  • Computer code simulation of Nuclear Power Plants transients and accident conditions

  • Drafting of regulation guidelines for regulatory authority

  • Independent review of the licensing documentation for Nuclear Power Plants

Licensing documentation for Nuclear Power Plants modification and upgrade

  • Update of safety analysis reports and licensing documentation

  • Thermo-hydraulic analysis and simulations of transients and accidents in NPP

  • Fuel cycle analysis

  • Analyses of severe accidents

  • Evaluation of thermo-mechanical behavior of nuclear fuel

  • Analysis of radiological consequences of accidents

  • Independent verification of analyses for nuclear installations

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